Jesse and Twyla Criss

My name is Jesse Criss and I love food, and I mean that it the best way possible. It’s not odd, weird, strange, or obsessive…I just love food. My love for food comes from a few different places.

First off I need to thank my parents especially my Mom. I spent years watching her cook, bake, and keep family food traditions alive. My dad also always pushed (sometimes threw tears as a kid) me to try everything at least once. As a kid my Mom left and we didn’t have any contact for a long time. She eventually passed away in 2010, and my grandma (Mom’s mom) was getting older and more forgetful. So I took it upon myself to learn the family food secrets. That’s the second reason I love food, it has helped me keep my family traditions alive and strong. The third and final reason I love food is that it’s something Twyla (my wife) and I do together. Our trips are planned around food, we both love to cook food, and we love going out and trying new food. In the last 13+ years we have been together food has been a passion that grew with us, and now it’s just a part of who we are and how we do life.

So may my journey though life and food inspire you and make you HUNGEY

welcome to FATJESSE

UPDATE: This family of two became a family of 4 this last year with the birth of my twin girls. Everyday I look forward to that moment I get to show them how to make there first food ALL BY THEMSELVES. Let the adventures begin FATFAMILY



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