Perfect Wings

As long as Twyla and I have been together we have had a mutual love for WINGS. They are seriously the best and over the years we have perfected a wing recipe that has become the norm in our home.


  • 1 family pack of wings
  • Corn Starch
  • Franks or Louisiana hot sauce


  • Take your family pack of wings and add them to a big bowl or pot. Something that has a lid.
  • Take the hot sauce and 2-4 shakes of the bottle on the wings. The goal is to give them a bit of a coating not drench them.
  • Put the lid of the container and SHAKE
  • Take 2-4 heaping spoonful of corn starch and dump them on the wings
  • Put the lid back on the container and SHAKE
    • If the wings don’t seem coated add more hot sauce or corn starch depending on how the look.
  • Once everything is well mixed get out a cookie sheet and some parchment. Place as many wings on the sheet as you can. Most of the time a family pack can fit on a large cooke sheet.
  • Now here is the trick… bake the wings at 415F for at least 1.5-2 hours. You want to turn them about have way. The trick is LONG and HOT. When your done you will have a crazy crispy wing.


  • Try and buy split wings bit if you can’t get the whole ones and break out a big knife. Cut the wing tip off and cut at the join between the wing an drumstick.
  • We add our all flavours and dips AFTER they are cooked. Here are some of our favourite options.
    • BBQ (heat the sauce in a pan and toss wings)
    • Hot sauce
    • Mexican Wings 
    • Salt and Pepper