First 5 Days

It has been 5 days since Twyla and I started the 5 Ingredients Challenge  and so far so good. To be honest it really hasn’t be that hard. There have been a few issues…

  1. I really miss sauces specifically Ranch and Ketchup: On monday I went through our fridge to see what we could and couldn’t eat… it was not a fun experience. A lot of stuff has been put to the side. However it was an eye-opening experience to read all those labels and wonder what all those ingredients do to our bodies. Try it sometime you might be surprised.
  2. I’m still struggling with the grab and go items: You all know what I’m talking about…the jar of candies on the desk, that mint you always grab when you leave the restaurant, the tub of gummy worms you always hit up from the kids department (oh wait that’s just me). The natural grab reflex has caught up to me a few times this week.
  3. Eating Out: We don’t eat our a lot but for some reason both Twyla and I have had a lot of work functions/meetings this week that involves food we can not control. Twyla has had a much harder time then me, but we feel like were taking advantage of the “EXTRAS” (see challenge) a bit too much.

Now there have been great parts to the week as well…

  1. I feel FANTASTIC: I seriously have not felt his good in forever. It’s hard to describe but all I know is I like it and I’m almost confident I’m going to try to keep this up after the challenge is over.
  2. Homemade Bread is so good: I have always loved homemade bread and grew up with it but in recent years I’ve made very little. This week we made two batches and it’s FANTASTIC. There is just something about the taste, smell, and how it toasts is almost perfection.
  3. It’s Challenging: I know that might not seem like a good thing but it’s forcing me to look in my fridge and come up with a new food plan, because the old ways are gone. The best example is the other day I made a pesto pita pizza with tomatoes, mushrooms, and parmesan cheese.  It was amazing, but I would never have put those ingredients together before now.

So the challenge continues. After this week I would STRONGLY encourage any of you to take it up and join us in the process. You will not be sorry.