Mexico and Food

Yesterday I got back from my churches Mexico Missions trip. This year a team of 9 people including 4 high school students traveled down to San Quintin for a week long missions trip. We spent the week building a house for a local family and it was a life changing week. We believe that God used us to change lives and He most certainly did just that. One of the things I love about this trip is an opportunity to explore and eat different food. I’m not always particularly adventures with food, but when it comes to Mexican food I have a soft spot in my heart… or maybe stomach.

However before we look at some of my food adventures I want to look back 1 year. You see last year in July I also went down to Mexico for the same reasons, but there was one major difference this year… 40lbs. Over the last year Twyla (my wife) and I have changed how we eat and ultimately approach food (see here). That change has lead me to lose 40lbs just by eating different (I’m allergic to exercise). I get asked all the time if I feel better than I used to and often I don’t know what to say. When pushed I would say yes but I was never sure until this last week. This year I noticed a few things…

  • I could keep up with my students
  • My body didn’t give out after 30min on work
  • I felt better and somehow more like myself
  • The small hike we went on was more like a casual walk. It would have killed me last year.
  • I had energy and lots it.

This blog is about my food adventures but over the last year it’s also been about a personal transformation. I’m not done yet and I have new adventures in food coming soon, but ultimately Mexico showed me that I am different and different is VERY GOOD.

Now lets look at some food from Mexico the captions for each picture explain what your looking at.