Twyla (my wife) and I were recently in Calgary for a family visit, and it made me wonder what my TOP CALGARY EATS would be. This list (ranked in order) is is based on experience, personal taste, and history. Some of them may not be considered by everyone to be the best, but they are the places I love to eat at when I’m in Calgary.

NAME: Glamorgan Bakery
ADDRESS: 3919 Richmond Rd SW #20  Calgary, AB
FAT FOOD: It’s all about the cheese buns, and you need to go before noon.
NAME: Peters Drive-In
ADDRESS: 219 16 Ave NE  Calgary, AB
FAT FOOD: Late night fries and milkshakes are the best things about this place.
NAME: La Brezza Ristorante
ADDRESS: 990 1 Ave NE  Calgary, AB
FAT FOOD: All kinds of food and I would suggest to be adventurous. We went here once and I still talk about it today. 
NAME: Thai Tai
ADDRESS: 615 17 Ave SW Calgary, AB T2S 0B3
FAT FOOD: Went here weekly for 3 years for Iced Coffee and Vietnamese Sub’s
NAME: Tubby Dog
ADDRESS: 022 17 Ave SW  Calgary, AB
FAT FOOD: It’s all about Hot Dogs and any topping creating you can think of. Their signature topping is Captain Crunch. 
NAME: Chicken On The Way
ADDRESS: 1443 Kensington Rd NW  Calgary, AB
FAT FOOD: I go here for the corn fritters.
NAME: Oriental Phoenix Vietnamese Restaurant
ADDRESS: Suite 105-401 9 Ave SW  Calgary, AB
FAT FOOD: One of our favorite lunch places in downtown Calgary. 
NAME: Diner Deluxe
ADDRESS: 804 Edmonton Trail NE  Calgary, AB
FAT FOOD: It’s been a while but this was my favorite breakfast place in Calgary when we lived there. They have a chocolate bread french toast thats to die for. 
NAME: Bubblemania Cafe
ADDRESS: 455 16 Ave NE, Calgary, AB
FAT FOOD: I went here for the first time this last weekend and loved it. I haven’t always been a fan of Bubble Tea until I went to Bubblemania, and now it’s on the MUST go to list every time I’m in Calgary.