Harvest Store & Cafe


9381 Mill street, Chilliwack, BC

The Harvest Cafe is one of my favorite places to eat right now in Chilliwack. I had walked past it a hand full of times, but had never stopped in until a few months ago. Now it’s one of my goto places for lunch meetings and a quick coffee and snack.

Though they do serve breakfast I have always had lunch there. There sandwiches are amazing especially the “Fancy Pants Grilled Cheese”. There soups are all homemade, and they have huge killer salads. One of the cool things about this Cafe is there gluten-free and even vegan options. If your just looking for a quick snack and coffee they have tons of baking options ranging from homemade donuts, scones, to amazing muffins. Again there are always gluten-free and vegan options for you to choose from. The Harvest has something for everyone and you will not walk away hungry.









FATJESSE HIGHLIGHT: This goes out to the Harvest’s Poutine. Poutine is not for everyone, but if your into poutine especially when everything is homemade… then this is the poutine for you.